Income and Expenses, see also at “Archive successful projects’    R= ZAR, South African Rand

2015 received:
1st quarter: € 480,–
2nd quarter: € 480,–
3rd quarter: € 480,–

2015 expenses:
1st quarter: R1.000,– basic aid
3rd quarter: R2.083,– gift to old age home, 108x soap, 108 tooth brushes and 108x toothpaste
R2.000,– sponsored for Brits Christmas party, presents for 700 disadvantaged children.

Help offered to 3 organsations. They didn’t get back to us!

2014 received:
1st quarter: € 1.205,– *
2nd quarter: € 555,– *
3rd quarter: € 755,–
4th quarter: € 555,–

* In 2014 Self in Aksie was chosen by Odd Fellows Dronten, The Netherlands, for charity abroad. We received € 500,–.

* In February, we received € 150,– from the tip pot of Special Care Beauty Garyp, as contribution to the funeral costs of a camp resident.

2014 expenses:
1st quarter: R150,–  guidance
2nd quarter: R1.100 toys and food
3rd quarter: R3.000,– laptop Reading project
4th quarter: R620,– medicin and food

2013 received:
1st quarter: € 110,–
2nd quarter: € 275,– and R 1.500,–
3rd quarter: € 1.110,– and R 2.000,–
4th quarter: € 475,– and R 1.500,–

2013 expenses:
2nd quarter: R2.650,– used for nursery school East Lynne, toys, books and fruit
R2.800,– bread and drinks distributed to 400 people
3rd quarter: R600 basic aid, like bread, vegetables, fruits and milk.
4th quarter: R6.600,– used for roof sheeting, second hand cabinets and other furniture
R1.500,– sensory room at a home for disabled young people
Christmas parcels: R6.500,–

2012 received:
4th quarter: R 1.200,–

July 2012 we founded Self in Aksie

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